You Deserve a Wonderful Life

Let me and your higher wisdom lead you to where you want to go! The more you are in awe, the more there is to be in awe about. Whether through my coaching, workshops, books or journeys, I look forward to connecting with you!



Soul Signature Art

A self-discovery that comes to life through colour, words and illustrations with Kressa’s artistic interpretation.


Coaching, counseling, readings, workshops and so much more. See all she has to offer.


Kressa will help you transform your approach through her two books: “How to Get Out of your Own Way” and “Food and the Emotional Connection”

African Adventures

Close to her heart is Africa, a passion project involving the communities, the people and the heart-centered connection of all.

“I highly recommend Kristina to anyone who is stuck in their life. You will not be disappointed, and it doesn’t matter where you live. She is able to ‘tune in’ to your energy no matter where in the world you are.”

~ Anne R. Kelowna, BC ~

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