Wouldn’t your life be an amazing journey if you could only get out of your own way?

Sometimes our past and negative patterns seem to be in the “driver’s seat” taking us to places we had no intention of going. Has this ever happened to you?

My passion is to help people see the magnificence that they really are, and make choices that support their highest good.

Joy and abundance are ours to enjoy when we believe in ourselves and our dreams. Come and take the journey with me and discover the gifts that are waiting for you!!!

It’s time to get our of your own way and really make a difference in your life, in the lives of those you love and in your life.

Read the Forward

If you do not read any further I want you to know that this book has put theory and practice together in a meaningful way for those of you who are SEARCHING.We are all spirits having a human experience.

Yes, we have a human body with bones and muscles and organs. We have a brain with all its intricacies and bio-chemistry. We have different personalities, an ego, different skin colours, an astrological sign and our unique way of operating in the world. Yet with all our similarities and differences, when you really drill down to the core of each human being, we are all connected by spirit.

Irregardless of your beliefs or religious affiliation there is way more to us than you think. And we are truly all brothers and sisters. I have been a practicing registered nurse for over thirty four years. I used to think all the answers to illness and healing were found within scientific and medical research. And yes we have made great advances that have been miraculous.

However, new research is emerging that speaks to our energy fields as a source of illness and a method of healing. Research is explaining what this field is about. Our energy field can even be mapped within and around the human body.

This field can actually be measured just as your heart rhythm by an electrocardiogram. Probably, like many of you I have had some wonderful happy times in my life and some, well, hell on earth times. I went searching for answers to; why is this happening to me? How can I get out of this? What do I do to make myself feel better? There are some things in life that traditional western medicine does not seem equipped to handle.

Hey, I can say that because I worked in that system for many years. So I went searching. If you have picked up this book then you are searching too. I went through a serious depression and medications and counselors did the best they could do, but my progress was slow and painful. My breakthrough came by immersing myself in reading about any topic related to spirituality, energy healing, meditation and the list goes on.

Then I met Kristina Sisu. Now that was not by coincidence. Nothing in life is a coincidence, even you picking up this book. Kristina has been a dear and trusted friend for years and has supported me in my life’s challenges and completed therapeutic energy interventions on me that have had lasting effects. Her energy healing is unique and effective.

I have learned so much from her and we have continued our life’s journey together. Her compassion for human struggle and actions to help those in need have been profound. In all of my readings and research over the years I have not found a book like the one you have in your hands. It offers you an insight into the operations of the energy field, the belief systems you hold and the greater universe.

Then, on top of that, you get to actually do something about it. You get a potpourri of self interventions to improve your level of health and well-being. No you do not have to sit in a physician’s office for two hours or try to book an appointment that might take a week. You can do it today in an informative and fun way. The transformers (activities) offered here are easy and useful and you can do them anywhere—well maybe not at a board meeting.

My life has dramatically changed with the knowledge presented in this book, by knowing Kristina and the practices you will be exposed to.

Peace, Love and Harmony
Holly Levac R.N., BscN

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Video Transformers

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“My life has dramatically changed with the knowledge presented in this book, by knowing Kristina and the practices you will be exposed to.”

~ Holly Levac R.N., BscN ~

Food and the Emotional Connection

When we crave “comfort food”, it is really comfort that we hunger for.  Treating ourselves with compassion, kindness and respect is the key to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Part of treating ourselves well means eating foods that fulfil us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Food and the Emotional Connection is a supportive, informative book that deals with food issues in a unique way. Instead of tackling the symptoms of poor eating habits, Kristina looks deeper into our relationship with food and examines where our habits come from, and how they affect us.

She leads us on a gentle journey of self discovery, helping us become more at peace with the way we nourish ourselves. She provides transformative techniques to help us move through our eating issues in a positive and motivational way.

Kristina provides an inspirational and heartfelt voice to an area inundated with guilt, failure and judgement. She encourages her readers to work through their issues and reveals her own human foibles and food issues in a supportive way. She empowers her readers and lets them know that they are in control of their destinies, and that every little step is a step towards better health.

“If you change what goes into your mouth, you can change what goes into your soul.”

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 “I just loved the book. I could see myself on every page. It was incredible. It’s me. I have to this book on my bookshelf”

~ AMA, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition ~