How connected do you feel to whose around you? How connected do you feel to your higher self, the essence of presence that is with in us all?

Africa has taught me so much  about connection! These beautiful Maasai people know how  to connect with each other and to people they don’t even know. There was such a feeling of community that sometimes feels missing for me here in the west.

We just returned from our last trip where we built a classroom with the Maasai people. Twelve of us went and my friend Sharon and I were the Team Leaders. What an amazing experience it was and we built a classroom in 8 days!!!

Together we worked hard, laughed, sang, and danced. I felt such a deep connection to all of life and to the people around me that I felt my heart would burst. The Joy that connection like this brings was so palpable, you could almost touch it.

One of our volunteers Yon, a Maasai Warior had  such a presence of joy and was so much fun. Half his face is a smile! He connects to all around him. One day when Sharon was really ill and had to go back to the lodge to rest, Yon came up and inquired about her and I explained in sign  language that she wasn’t well and had gone back to the lodge. He put his hand on his chest and and expressed such deep concern. A few hours later when I had gone back from the build site and was checking on her, we had a visitor.
Yon had walked about 4 ks to come and see her and make sure she was OK.
No language but a deep connection in another persons welfare. I was so moved by this gesture.
Another Maasai we met, Neema has 5 children and she is below the Maasai poverty line of 2 cows and 5 goats and only has 2 sheep.

She knows how to connect!

As we were lugging buckets of dirt, cement,and  rock she would hold my hand and laugh  and express such joy. Again my heart was so full. At one point when we were leaving she gave many of us pieces of her own jewelry. We were moved to tears by this generous act of giving from someone who has so little.

This experience has really taught me more about connection. Made me so aware of how do I connect to others? Do I really let others into my heart? Do I connect to the spirit that soars in all of us? I have learned how much joy there is in connection and how that fuels my happiness and peace. My intention is to live more like these beautiful people and make my life more about  really connecting at a heart level.

What is your intention?