We tend to teach what we need to learn!

For me learning to get out of my own has been a life time journey. I am getting better at it, but there are still times when I stand in my own way like a big truck. This is when I am being governed by my Ego/personality and its constant barrage of fears and limitations. When that voice is loud it’s harder to hear the voice within that comes from source, creation. That calm , still voice of knowing that is so full of wisdom and grace.

This book ” How to get out of Your Own Way” was created from this knowing and is now ready to be birthed!! Yahoo!

How To Get Out Of Your Own WayI have discovered that the #1 Key to helping myself get out my own way is self love. To love myself even though I am putting obstacles in my own way out of fear and old limiting patterns.  To  be with the challenges and not try to fight them. Resisting these antics of the Ego only makes it scream louder.

Is it easy?

Definitely not, but as you practice this it does get more ingrained and the easier it becomes to move forward.
So be gentle and kind to yourself and the more you are able to do that , the more the loud voice quiets down and then you  can connect to that higher consciousness where it is easy to live your dreams.

A friend and I were talking about this  one day and she  said something so beautiful. She said when my Ego starts to panic I just rub my own head gently and say- “You’ll be OK and just sooth that aspect of my  self and be kind and compassionate.”
I love that! When a a child is upset we comfort them and sometimes the Ego is like a child expressing it’s fears. A child  just needs our  reassurance. Well we do too!

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