A while back I read a fascinating book about an American Dr. who went for a “walk about” with an Aboriginal tribe in Australia. I couldn’t put it down. ( it was about 20 yrs ago , so can’t remember the title).  She talked about how these  aboriginals  instantaneously  healed a broken leg, communicated telepathically and lived totally connected to each other and their environment.  Now that is amazing inner technology!!

As a society, we have created a world where we focus on our outer technology. We have iPhones, Blackberries, computers, and every gadget you can imagine to make our lives “easier.” But, are they making life easier?

Technology has an amazing place in our lives and I am certainly glad I have a smart phone and can text a friend when I have arrived at the wrong location or late. It is very useful.
However, I think this left-brain function contributes to the separateness
that is the dis-ease of our society. We are disconnected from one
another and the true needs of our hearts and souls are being ignored. We
communicate, but  do we really connect. Are our hearts  open to
each other? I watch people so engrossed in their technology that they are
not present in their lives. They are so focused on this outer technology
that the inner technology, which is our ability to tune in to ourselves and
each other, to be present in our lives and connect spiritually in a deep way
and to stay open to one another, seems to be  lost.
Recent studies have shown that constant and intense engagement with
electronics is rewiring children’s brains. Addiction is a real possibility. The
gadgets need to be faster, more stimulating to get our attention and to
keep people engaged. We are losing our ability to truly tune into ourselves
and each other and recognize subtle energies from within ourselves and
from others that can give us important messages.
When we focus on our inner technology, through meditation
and many of the transformers in my book, we create this inner awareness, we allow for a much richer and more fulfilled life where we have easy access to higher wisdom. We are then tuned into our inner landscape and are aware of subtleties that are happening there, such as exactly how our body is feeling; if anything needs our attention.
I love this quote I read recently:
 “Why always ask an online search engine or online encyclopedia for knowledge when you can ask your spiritual, inner search engine and encyclopedia containing all universal knowledge as well as all spiritual knowledge”.  Dr. Terry Cole Whittaker
We have way more wisdom then we realize.
Which are you strengthening, your inner or outer technology. Is it time to  quiet the mind and really tune your attention inward?