The brain is neuroplastic, which means it can repair and regenerate itself when given the right food, exercise and of course the right thoughts.Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.  I think with a large aging population it is so imperative. that we maximize our brain function, so we can age with grace and ease and our brain can  still  be  bright and alert.
Some Zappers of brain function can be : MSG ( which scatters blood flow all over the brain and makes it hard to focus..stresses brain cells eventually destroys them) caffeine, (short term gain, but long term creates free radical damage, and can disrupt sleep) in the long term they can dim memory and mimic the effects of stress. Excess intake of fat and protein ( causes free radicals which results in oxidative stress).
The following are some great tips to increase the pleasure centers in the brain thereby refreshing the brain and increases productivity if you are at work.
1. Do something psychically pleasurable,. slowly stretch. run your fingers through your hair. Wash your face with warm or cool water. Or yawn. it’s a great way to massage the brain.
2. Recall a pleasant memory. Visualize someone you love or an event that brought you deep satisfaction. Think about a beautiful place you’ve been. Immerse yourself in the memory, and you’ll notice that your body relaxes and your mine becomes serene.
3. Think about something you have accomplished in the past year and savour the satisfaction  it brought you.
4. Think about one thing you feel grateful f about and notice how it makes you feel.
5.  Meditate on a word that captures one of your deepest personal or spiritual values. Repeating that word will turn on 1,200 stress-redoing genes!
6.  Give yourself a compliment!
(From the Science of Mind magazine Vol 88 #9)
Try these out and see how you feel. Great way to give the brain a treat!! Easy and simple!!
I have read some interesting research on Brain Yoga and I have incorporated this into my morning routine and have found it very helpful to keep me focused. It is really simple and quick!
See the link for the sequence of exercises.
Have fun with all these tools to help keep your brain functioning at its highest capacity. These are some great self care tools.
Let’s all fire on all cylinders!!