Inspired Aging Coaching

THRIVE, REWIRE AND BEAT THE AGING MYTH!  To age magnificently we need a Holistic approach.  Body, Mind  and Spirit. I will support you to age magnificently by:

  • offering guidance regarding  eating and supplementation for  ultimate brain and body health
  • providing you with multiple tools to rewire the brain and increase body vitality
  • Support with emotional issues that may be getting in your way of aging with gusto.
  • offering counselling on accessing your inner guidance and wisdom to follow your dreams no matter what age you are.

Investment: $90.00 per hr.

Ion Cleanses & Frequency Therapy

To cleanse toxins & eliminate pathogens

An Ion bath is a foot detox that neutralizes tissues acid waste by positive and negative ions. This cleanse leaves you feeling more energetic and clearer while detoxifying the body.   A great way to pamper yourself and cleanse from the inside out..

Investment $75.00


I am available for speaking engagements on Food and Emotions based on my book I have written  or a wide variety of health and self growth topics and also my new book “How to get out of Your Own Way” I have experience in Key note addresses and have done groups as large as 325 people, My style is engaging and I deliver my talk with enthusiasm and a sense of fun.  

Intuitive Angel Readings

A life changing encounter

Years ago I had a profound experience that made me question my sense of reality. I was driving on a highway after visiting my son and was lost in thought and music. I was going quite fast and was about to change lanes when suddenly I felt a strong large hand on my shoulder pushing me. I immediately stayed in my lane and saw a red car that was in my blind spot passing me. I gasped and realized I would have hit him if it had not been for this pressure like force on my shoulder. I was alone in the car. The pressure of that hand stayed with me for almost half an hour, and I knew it had saved my life. I knew it was the presence of some angel like forces guiding me and keeping me safe. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I know these forces are always there for all of us. My experience has made me acutely aware of their presence and their messages for us. I feel compelled and honoured to share their guidance with others.

What is an Intuitive Reading?

My readings are messages from angelic forces, tapping into your own intuitive  wisdom to support and give you direction. I just listen and pass on what I feel they are trying to tell you. On occasion I may be guided to do energy work  to change energy patterns that need to be released, (only with your approval). These readings are not predictions, though on occasion this will come through if it is what you need. This reading is to inform, guide and support you on your unique journey. Discover what insights your intuitive wisdom & angelic forces have for you!! Investment: $60.00-$80.00 per reading (Depending upon the time taken)

 “The reading was unsettling Accurate! You nailed it right on. I was so impressed!!!” D-N. Tsawassen BC

 “How did you know that? That has been so buried. Now that I have that information it will change things dramatically. That was the best reading I have ever had.” V F Kanata, ON

 “Of course the the thing that was the most impactful for me was the angel reading. I am just fascinated by how everything we talked about has actually worked or happened. Thank You for bringing this information to me.”B. W. Victoria, BC

Energy Psychology Counselling

A combination of powerful energy work ( using acupressure), talk therapy, and intuiting your emotional blocks to shift you to a new reality.

What others have said: “I highly recommend Kristina to anyone who is stuck in their life. You will not be disappointed, and it doesn’t matter where you live. She is able to ‘tune in’ to your energy no matter where in the world you are.” – Anne R. Kelowna, BC

“Kressa Kristina Sisu is a highly intuitive energy worker. My session with her will save me money by releasing me from some of the addiction I have for dietary supplements.  Her testing showed a number of them that were working against my highest good.

She quickly zeroed in on what were the major issues at this moment. By allowing me to access my inner guide, she opened the way for clearing up some of the subconscious blocks that have been holding me back.

It is true, as the title of her book indicates, we are often our own worst enemies, getting in our own way. Kressa’s energy work allowed me to reprioritize and re-energize. This brings me to a place of greater inner peace and a sharper focus on what the next steps are in my journey of service.”  Thank you, Kressa.

Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and author or The Zen of Joy.

Investment $90.00 per hr.

Powerful Life Changing Workshops

Workshop topics:

  • Kick Ass aging, Thrive rewire and beat the aging myth
  • How to get out of your own way
  • Energy psychology

“You are a wonderful facilitator Kristina.  You inspire a lot of trust and confidence, which enables me to do this work”. Karen S, Victoria BC

Other Supports & Services

Distance Healing

Distance healing is a powerful way of shifting energy while you in your space. All you need is the internet and skype.  Here is what clients have said about this process.

“Definitely feeling more positive and more mellow. Sleeping much better and started feeling shifting last night. Thank u a million times over.  I can’t believe how bad my anxiety was before I began this all.”Sarah B. Saskatchewan

 ” Yesterday Kristina did a Distance healing session on me and it was quite interesting. She “2 pointed” connecting my heart to the base of my spine, and I felt the tingling vibration travel from the base of my spine all the way up. Today I feel as if there was a huge release of a block that was preventing me from moving forward. I highly recommend Kristina to anyone who is stuck in their life. You will not be disappointed, and it doesn’t matter where you live. She is able to ‘tune in’ to your energy no matter where in the world you are. Anne R. Kelowna, BC