If you believe you will receive if you doubt you will live without!!

I love this definition of prayer or Science of Mind calls it ” Mind Treatment”.

The act of praying is actually the clear focus of intentional thought with the expectancy of a favourable response from a power greater then we are.

Get in a quiet place and say this to yourself with feeling and strength ( out loud if you can).

1)    There is a one creative power and intelligence-God/Source/Spirit. It is always creating. It is expansive, unconditional love and limitless. It is always creating for the highest good of all. It is responding to my request right now.

2)    I am at one with this power and intelligence…it flows through me, in me and around me. This is the truth of who I am-(also truth of everyone)

3)    State an intention clearly and in the affirmative as if it has already occurred. Focus on the what  not the how ( that is the job of source). Get the feelings of being, having, whatever this intention is. Really experience it.

4)    I Affirm my belief that there is nothing anywhere to oppose this desire and  I reject and release anything in consciousness that might oppose or contradict what I desire to manifest.

5)    Give thanks that this has already materialized. Feel the gratitude. It is complete.

6)    Release it to the universe and know that the mastermind is doing an awesome job of making this manifest. Let go, let God.

And so it is!!