Soul Signature Art



The process consists of a Soul Counseling Interview ( using specific questions) to determine your souls desires. This can be done in person or by phone. I will help you achieve a deep relaxing state where your soul is free to speak. With the information I have gathered I will then create a custom piece of art just for you! This can take up to a week for me to complete. This will reflect your deep desires, and will be infused with profound energy to support the manifestation of these dreams. I will then provide you with any information I received when doing your piece of art and you will get the original and a scanned copy for any enlargements you may like to have.

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What Others Have Said:

“This is an amazing way to look at yourself in a Different way! The approach and the process Kristina is using to tap into your inner self to discover a deeper layer of emotions we are not even consciously aware of is very simple, first through a meditation she brings you in a detached peaceful state of mind where you get in touch with your deeper self, then she ask you a series of very simple questions and using the answers she create your Signature Art.

The concept is simple and the result is astonishing, It’s like art therapy; seeing your deeper inner emotional self through a piece of art. It contains all the colors, shapes and meaningful vibrations that represent you, it’s like an emotional mirror of yourself. What’s also interesting is the afterwords, she explains what insight revelation she was inspired with while doing her creation. It’s like she is channeling your emotions through creating this beautiful piece of art.

Every time I look at it, I find more meaning and understanding of my self that speaks to my soul. Thank you Kristina”

~ Sharon Victoria, BC ~

What Others Have Said:

“Soul Signature Art is a wonderful experience from the insightful initial interview to the beautiful finished work of art. Using personalized words, colours, textures, goals, intentions and energy Kristina is able to create an amazing portrait completely unique to you. For me, as a busy mom of two young children it is easy to get lost in day-to-day family life and to forget about myself as an individual with unique goals, wants and needs. Kristina has created a brilliant reminder of all of these things which I now look at daily to remind me of my own inner strength, uniqueness and beauty. Soul Signature Art is an exclusive, individual experience that not only includes receiving a gorgeous, personalized work of art, but also heightened insight and awareness of who you truly are. It is a fun and unique process that I would highly recommend to everyone! Thank you Kristina!”
Vanessa Ottawa, Ont.”

~ Vanessa Ottawa, Ont ~

What Others Have Said:

“As one of your clients for this service, I’m thrilled with the piece you created for me about me. It’s a wonderful reminder of my journey and I’m so grateful. Xo”

~ Andrea Victoria,BC ~