flowersChange is a constant and right now here in Victoria spring is in full bloom and the landscape is changing dramatically, as seen by these beautiful flowers.

Change can come in many forms and the positive ones like spring are joyous and we welcome them with open arms, however change can also take on the form of a challenge.

We are all going to have challenging circumstances in our lives, whether it be a marriage ending, a job we have felt secure in that is coming to a close, personal illness, illness with family members, needy aging parents, difficulties with our children, loss of a loved one, a world crisis; you name it. Life can change dramatically and offer up a wide variety of circumstances to challenge us.

The KEY to moving with these changes and dealing with whatever challenge that presents is to ACCEPT  them , exactly the way things are. Not always easy but acceptance makes the transition much smoother.

I love the line “All suffering comes from wanting things to be different than they are.” As Buddha said, “suffering is optional”. This doesn’t mean you have to like the situation, or that you can’t change it, but wasting energy wishing it hadn’t happened or playing the “what if” game just takes you away from actually dealing with the challenge and finding solutions.

Acceptance allows us to let go and being in a more neutral space makes it easier to deal with it and we are then more open for support to come.

Here is a cool tool that will help in challenging times and support you to get to a place of acceptance.

Acupressure technique with Affirmations

Place your thumb and ring finger of one hand (either will do) on your inner eye points, roughly 1/8 inch above the inner points of the eyes. Rest your middle finger on your third eye (in the centre of your forehead, between your eyes). The rest of your fingers can rest on your face. With the other hand, cover the back of your skull and let your thumb rest on the lower skull line, as if you were cradling your head. Take nice long deep breaths.

State affirmations that work for you. Do this for as long as you feel good and then switch hands and repeat.

Here are some examples of affirmations:

I am in a place of total  acceptance.

I am free, clean, and clear.

I am an open receiving vessel for all good.

I am at one with the source that created me.

I am abundance, joy, and peace.

I am limitless and know I am totally supported by Creation (God).

I am so excited about life and enjoy its unfolding.

I allow life to live through me and not in spite of me.

I flow with my life.

Or Create your own, what feels right.